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Tetsuya Yamasawa - Sales Manager ZOOO Japan.

Tetsuya Yamasawa is passionate about promoting regional revitalization throughout Japan, and is confident that ZOOO’s technology could help contribute to the cause over time. He is particularly excited about the prospect of helping bring liveliness back to “Shutter Street,” and believes ZOOO’s internally-developed products created by a collaborative team are sure to provide services that benefit both business owners as well as consumers. 

Tetsuya’s current goal is to increase the number of partnerships between ZOOO and local businesses and ensure that business owners are satisfied with the services we provide. When he isn’t working, Tetsuya loves to travel the world and explore various Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Service Areas

Las Vegas, NV
North Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Orange County, CA


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    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.