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Ai Shibata - CMO ZOOO INC

As the Co-CEO of ZOOO INC, Ai Shibata is laser-focused on spreading a powerful message to the community about ZOOO’s goals to help the local economy thrive, and she’s excited to assist in the creation of an outstanding service that is sure to benefit local businesses and consumers alike. 

She has taken advantage of opportunities to live in multiple continents, including time spent in Melbourne, Australia and Orlando, Florida as well as both Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, believing that her exposure to a wide range of global perspectives and creative pursuits with collaborators across the world have contributed greatly to her success. Now, Ai feels confident that she embraces new professional achievements each day as she works alongside her team at ZOOO.

When Ai’s not working on ZOOO’s brand messaging, you can catch her cuddling her two kitties, centering herself through meditation or hot yoga, or revisiting her love for drawing and painting.

Service Areas

Las Vegas, NV
North Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Orange County, CA


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    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.