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At ZOOO, the privacy of our service’s visitors is paramount. Our company has made this document an official Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy), and it shall be applied between our company and the customer when collecting personal information from the customer.

We are deeply aware of the importance of personal information, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we will strive to protect your personal information and will handle it in a legal and appropriate manner. This Privacy Policy applies only to activities within the ZOOO service and is valid for information shared with and collected from users of the ZOOO service. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected via channels other than the ZOOO service.

  1. Agreement

If you use our services or our website, you agree to this Privacy Policy and to its terms.

  1. Compliance with related laws and guidelines

We will comply with the laws related to the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Law”) and other related laws, guidelines set by the Personal Information Protection Commission, and privacy policies, and we will keep your personal information safe and secure. We will collect personal information only by appropriate means and handle the collected personal information legally and properly.

  1. Personal information we collect

The personal information that is the subject of this Privacy Policy is the information that enables us to identify a specific individual, such as the following information, which is provided by the customer when using our website.

(1) Name

(2) Gender

(3) Date of birth

(4) Address

(5) Telephone number

(6) Email address/IP address

(7) Company name

(8) Search history

(9) In addition, should a customer submit an inquiry, we shall receive the content of the message provided by inquiring with us directly, the attached file, and other additional information we have already collected about the customer

  1. How we use your personal information

We will use your personal information only within the scope of the following purposes or a purpose of use that is clear from the acquisition form.

(1) Operation of our service

(2) Operation and maintenance of our website

(3) Improving and expanding the usefulness of our website

(4) Newsletter delivery regarding our services

(5) Development of our services

(6) Market research/questionnaire survey aimed at improving our services

(7) Distributing coupons based on to the user’s resident country, zip code, date of birth, gender, and hobbies

(8) User’s name, phone number, and e-mail address are used to, but not limited to, respond to customer inquiries and consultations, to confirm the user’s identity, and to ensure the quality of telephone response

(9) Prevention and detection of illegal acts against us or a third party

(10) Other legal use and use for legal compliance

(11) Other uses related to the above

  1. Consignment of personal information

We may outsource the handling of your personal information to partner companies for the purpose of delivering products, processing orders and payments, and for other reasons related to facilitating business operations and providing better services to our customers.

  1. Shared use

We may jointly use the personal information provided by customers with the affiliated companies. In this case, in addition to the above purpose of use, we will use it according to the purpose of use entailed by each affiliated company. Please note that we will be responsible for the management of shared use.

  1. Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not provide personal information to third parties (excluding contractors and joint users) without your consent, unless we have your prior consent or the law allows it.

  1. Personal information management system

In order to prevent leakage, falsification, unintended use, and loss of personal information, the Company will take appropriate measures by the following management system in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations.

(1) We will try to retain your data only as long as is necessary to provide our services to you. Depending on the method of providing personal information, there may be a reason for the customer to terminate the use of their user account on our website or to request that the customer suspend or delete the personal information. If found, it will be deleted.

(2) In order to have officers and employees handle customers’ personal information properly, we will advise on the appropriate handling of personal information and provide appropriate supervision.

(3) When outsourcing the handling of personal information to an external party, we will strictly select the outsourcee and perform appropriate management and guidance regarding the handling of personal information.

  1. Disclosure, updating, copying, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information held by the Company

If you would like to disclose, update, copy, suspend, or delete any of the personal information you have provided to us, please contact us.

  1. CCPA privacy rights

Under CCPA, California consumers have the following rights and we are legally obligated to respond within one month of receiving your request. If you would like to exercise these rights, please contact us.

(1) Disclose specific parts of personal information collected by businesses that collect personal information about consumers.

(2) Request that we delete the personal information we collect about the consumer.

(3) Ask the company that sells the personal information of consumers’ to stop the act.

  1. GDPR data protection rights

All users have the following rights, and we are legally obligated to respond within one month after receiving the customer’s request. If you would like to exercise these rights, please contact us.

(1) Access right

The right to request a copy of your personal information. The service may incur fees charged by us.

(2) Right to correct personal information

The right to request correction of inaccurate/incomplete personal information.

(3) Right to delete personal information

The right to request deletion of personal information.

(4) Restrictions on the use of personal information

The right to request restrictions on the use of personal information.

(5) Opposition right

The right to object to the processing of personal information that we carry out.

(6) Right to share personal information

The right to request that the personal information we collect be transferred to another organization or directly to the customer.


  1. Contact window

You can always contact us regarding your personal information. For requests regarding disclosure, updating, copying, suspension of use, or deletion of personal information and other inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, please reach out through the following contact points:


Phone number: 050-3707-2921

Reception hours: 10:00 to 19:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Email: info@zooo.online

  1. Other notes regarding the use of our site

(1) Log file

We follow standard procedures using log files. These files are recorded when visitors visit a company’s website.

Information collected by log files may include your Internet protocol address, browser type, Internet service provider, date and time stamp, reference page/end page, and click count.

None of this information is linked to personally identifiable information. The purpose of collecting this information is to manage websites, analyze trends to improve our services, and collect demographic information.

(2) About cookies

In order to provide you with a personalized service, we may use cookies to check and store your search history.

Cookies are small data files that are sent from your web server to your browser and are stored on your computer’s hard drive. You can change the settings of your browser to disable cookies, but in that case, you will not be able to access all of the services available on the site.

We use cookies to:

  • Identify and access information about your use of the site (cookies are activated when you register or connect to the service)

・Identify the pages visited by customers and analyze their behavior so that we can make proposals that meet your needs (such as to propose personalized content, banners, or other changes to our website). We reserve the right to use the services of external vendors in order to track your behavior and to improve our services; however, the information submitted through these services is anonymized.

(3) Privacy policies of other external sites

Our site may contain links to other external sites, such as those of advertising partners. These third-party external sites have their own privacy policies, which we are not involved with and to which ZOOO’s Privacy Policy does not apply.

In order to understand the collection and use of personal information on other external sites, we recommend that you check the personal information rules provided by the external site yourself.

(4) Use of our website by minors under 13 years old

Under the Terms Of Use, we do not allow minors under the age of 13 to use our website, and will not knowingly collect personal information from minors under the age of 13. If you are a guardian or legal guardian of a minor that is registered on our site, please reach out via the contact information listed above to delete the registered information of that minor.

  1. Governing Law/Jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy and any existing agreements or agreements we may enter into in accordance with this Privacy Policy shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law, except where conflicting laws apply. The Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for any dispute arising directly or indirectly from the interpretation or implementation of the Privacy Policy.

  1. Change of Privacy Policy

We may change our Privacy Policy at any time. If changes are made, we will post a new Privacy Policy on our website. Please visit our website on a regular basis for the latest information. By continuing to use our Sites or Services, you consent to the Privacy Policy, which may be amended from time to time.

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    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2018 – 2021. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.