Joint seminar between Kameoka Chamber of Commerce and ZOOO JAPAN, LLC to be held this summer with the aim of revitalizing Kameoka City, Kyoto, Japan

June 8, 2020 5:00 PM JST

Kameoka Chamber of Commerce will hold a seminar to discuss tips for customer acquisition & repeat-rate improvement this summer.


COVID-19 has caused a lot of damage for not only the tourism and restaurant sectors, but for numerous other industries as well.

The upcoming joint seminar will focus on different services that are sure to attract customers and improve repeat rates in Kameoka City, Kyoto, Japan.

It is expected that the number of people looking to travel domestically will increase at the present stage, where their activities are restricted and they cannot travel abroad. However, we believe that we can further boost the local economy by not only targeting tourists in Japan, but also by giving back to local customers.

The Kameoka Chamber of Commerce will revitalize the region by featuring people from the tourism industry along with those from a wide variety of other industries as participants in the seminar. The project will contribute to the future development of Kameoka City, Kyoto, Japan.

About the Kameoka Chamber of Commerce

The Kameoka Chamber of Commerce in Kyoto, Japan engages in a wide range of activities with the aim of contributing to the comprehensive improvement of commerce and industry in the area and promoting the welfare of society in general. The statute appoints some of its members, and the activities are developed voluntarily with the consensus of its members. Although the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a long history, it is a specially licensed corporation that is currently operated under the “Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law” established in August 1952. The Chamber contributes proposals to the Diet and administration and continuously researches trends in commerce and industry. Additionally, the Chamber produces skill tests, workshops, and conducts other business, such as locating and inquiring about internal and external transactions and providing consultations in regards to business management. The main body of the Chamber is operated by members only. The members belong to the subcommittees that are established for each industry and discuss various issues regarding corporate management and regional concerns. In response, the members of the Diet and the general assembly discuss the concerns and report back to relevant authorities. The opinions of individual members are gathered as the opinions of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These opinions are then submitted to the Japan Chamber of Commerce, which will eventually influence the Diet and administrative agencies at the federal level.

About ZOOO Service

ZOOO Service is a new mobile application that takes advantage of unique AI technology provided by ZOOO INC, allowing for an exceptional global shopping experience.

App users can enjoy shopping, eating, drinking, and other activities conveniently and with ease compared to more traditional couponing methods and rewards services. At participating locations, the service will convert new customers into repeat customers, using the app’s algorithms to improve visitation rates and increase sales by offering incentives to those who stop by.

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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO INC. All rights reserved.