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Commitments and Cancellation Policy

The Launch Tier has no long term obligations and may be canceled at any time. Clients are only responsible for costs incurred up to the time of cancellation.

App User Actions 

The following actions performed by app users will incur a charge to the client.

  • Customer Check-In – When an app user checks in at your establishment by scanning a QR code or using Beacon technology. App users can only check in at your establishment once every 24 hours.
  • Coupon Redemption – When an app user hits the “redeem coupon” button, they will be prompted to enter a code provided by the client. This is done to verify that a coupon has been legitimately redeemed.
  • Survey Answer – When the client posts a survey, each survey answer submitted by a unique app user will count as an app user action.
  • Business Profile Share – App users have the ability to share a venue’s ZOOO profile with their contacts. Each time an app user shares a client’s venue profile with a unique contact, that will count as an app user action.
  • AI-Based Push Notification – If an app user has push notifications enabled, and the client has enabled AI actions, the app will send users a notification when they are in close proximity to the client’s venue.

Pricing Per User Action

  • Customer Check-In: $0.50
  • Coupon Redemption: $1.00
  • Survey Answer: $0.25
  • Profile Share: $0.25
  • AI-Based Push Notification: $0.25

Invoice Schedule

  • Invoices will be sent out on the 8th day of the month, or the first weekday following if the 8th falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • Payment is due 21 days from the date of the invoice.
  • A late fee of 3% interest per month will incur on any late payments.

Ready to hop aboard?

After submitting this form, one of our sales representatives will contact you within one (1) to two (2) business day(s) to go over the details and answer any questions you may have.

Service Areas

United States
Other ASEAN countries


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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.