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These Terms of Use govern your use of ZOOO Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by ZOOO Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). The conditions apply between the app user (hereinafter referred to as “Member(s)”, and details shall be specified in Article 1) and the Company when using various services (individually or collectively, referred to as “the Service” below) provided by the Company.

In addition, if the Company has established individual terms of use for each service, the terms of use shall be applied together with the Terms of Service. If the terms of use shall differ from the terms of this agreement, the individual provisions of the Terms of Use shall be applied in preference to this agreement, and this agreement shall be applied to the matters for which there are no individual provisions of the Terms of Use.

Chapter 1

Article 1: General Rules

Members are individuals and corporations approved by the Company after agreeing to this agreement from the prescribed registration form.

Article 2: Member’s Consent

  1. Members agree to the following:

(1) The contents of this Service etc. shall be arbitrarily determined by the Company, and may be changed or terminated after notifying the Members in advance.

(2) The Service may be suspended in the event of a disaster, accident, or other emergency.

(3) Members are responsible for managing the accounts issued by the Company, and the Company will not be liable for any damages resulting from the failure of such management responsibilities from Members.

Article 3: Member Registration

Those who wish to become Members (hereinafter referred to as “registration applicants”) will complete the membership registration procedure using the prescribed registration form. Member registration procedures must be performed by the person who becomes the Member, and registration by a third party is not allowed. Upon registration, the registration applicant shall provide the Company with true and accurate information regarding himself/herself. Members can only register one account (as defined in Article 4), and it is not allowed to register multiple accounts. The Company may not accept membership registration if it is determined that it is inappropriate to approve for any reasons, or if the Company determines there is a possibility of multiple accounts by one person.

In addition, the Company may cancel the approval for membership registration or forcibly remove the membership even after registration is approved if it is determined to be inappropriate. Even if the Company disapproves the membership registration, or if we cancel the approval or forcibly remove the membership, we are not obligated to disclose the reason. We believe that by registering the membership as “one Member per person” and “registration with accurate information”, we can surely deliver confirmations and important notices for the Service.

In addition, to safely manage the personal information, we prohibit the use of ZOOO members by anyone other than the registered Member, and we refuse the registration by a third party.

Article 4: Account

Members will have a password that is required to use the Service. Members shall use and manage passwords at their own risk. Members cannot transfer or lend their accounts to third parties. In the event of account theft or unauthorized use by a third party, the Member shall immediately notify the Company and follow the instructions from the Company. If we confirm by a prescribed method that the password entered by the Member when using the Service matches the registered one, we will consider that it has been entered by the Member.

Even if it is used by a person other than the Member due to circumstances such as stolen, misused, or other reasons, we will not be liable for any damage caused by this. If a Member improperly uses the account of a third party and damages the third party or the Company, the Member shall be responsible for compensation for the damage caused thereby.

We consider the logged in person when using our Service to be the registered Member.

Take proactive measures to prevent unintended use of services by frequently logging out, especially in an environment with shared devices.

Article 5: Registered Personal Information & Privacy

The Company shall handle the information (including the account, hereinafter referred to as “Member Information”) upon the Member registration or over the course of the use of Service by the Member, in accordance with the Company privacy policy.

If there is any change or error in the Member Information, the Member shall promptly update or correct the Member Information by using the prescribed form so that the true and accurate contents are always reflected. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages resulting from failure to register such changes or modifications. The Company may delete the Member Information when it is recognized that the Member Information has been falsely registered, changed or modified.

The Service suggests businesses, offers and deals based on the Member’s registered information, such as shops that are easy to access from the Member’s home or office, and shops that match the Member’s interests and dates for anniversaries. If there are any changes, please update your registration details in the settings.

Article 6: User Contents

  1. Usage: We have the exclusive and absolute right (but are not obligated) to examine, edit, post, refuse to post, delete, and monitor user contents. In addition, the Company will not only confirm the status of compliance with these Terms, applicable laws and other requests from administrative agencies, and use for improving provided information and marketing, we also have the exclusive and absolute right to disclose the user content and the situation when the user content is transmitted to a third party at any time although we have no obligation to do so. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to remove User Content from this Site. We are not responsible for User Content and other information displayed or deleted on this Site or elsewhere. We are not obligated to use your User Content and may not use it at all.
  1. Correction or Deletion

Our Service has the capability for you to modify or delete some of the User Content posted through your Member Account. The Company does not have the obligation to inform Users in advance of any modification or removal of User Content from this Site or elsewhere, or if User Content is displayed on the Internet, search engines, social media websites or across any other form, medium or technology.

  1. Publicity of Contents

You understand and agree that User Content will be treated as public information. Anyone (whether you are a user of the Service or not) may view your User Content without your knowledge. Thus, it is important for Users to keep in mind to not include personal information or other information that you do not wish to make public. We are not responsible for the use or disclosure of personal information or other information that you disclose in connection with User Content.

  1. Content Disclaimer

The creators of User Content are the respective copyright holders, not our Company. In some cases, User Content other than the copyright holder may be inaccurate, misleading, or deceiving. We do not guarantee User Content, are not responsible for User Content, and shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on such User Content. User Content reflects the views of the Contributor and may differ from ours. We do not control or endorse User Content and assume no liability whatsoever in connection with your posting, use of or reliance on User Content, including any User Content that may offend anyone. We do not take any responsibility arising out of your involvement in this site or a part of this Service.

  1. License

Users own all rights regarding the User Content they provide or post. However, by providing User Content and other information on or through this Service, the Company shall use, create derivative works with, publish, edit, translate, distribute, implement, display, transmit, and sell that information. The Company has the free of charge, unlimited, irrevocable, sublicensable, non-exclusive, transferable and non-restrictive local rights in any format, medium or technology. It does not matter whether it is displayed based on, or whether it is displayed alone or as part of other copyrighted material. The customer waives the moral rights of the User Content and other rights exclusively belonging to the customer based on laws and regulations. The rights related to the user content or personal information licensed to the Company and the Service include sales promotion, advertising, marketing, market research, transaction with member stores, quality control, and other legal rights.

Article 7: Reward Points

The point service provided by this Service is called the Sound Point Service. The Sound Point Service is the service in which the Company rewards Members with Sound Points, and which the Members can use according to the conditions stipulated in this agreement.

Article 8: Point Redemption

The method and conditions of various Sound Point exchanges (hereinafter referred to as “exchange service”) for Members of the Company, and other conditions concerning the execution of point redemption shall be determined by the Company on each occasion. We have prepared various application conditions and methods so that Members can enjoy. Please initiate the redemption after confirming the outlined disclaimers in the application.

Article 9: Subscription Fee

Members can choose between paid and free membership when using this Service, and the paid Member shall pay usage charges to the Company accordingly and payment methods specified by us separately. The Company shall not refund the usage fee already paid in full, regardless of the termination of use of this Service, cancellation of Member registration, or other reasons. If the usage fee is still not paid after the payment deadline, we may take measures such as suspension of use of this Service that we deem appropriate. In this case, we shall not be liable for any damages caused by the suspension of use of this Service.

Article 10: Prohibitions Actions & Compliance

Members cannot divert the information obtained from this Service for commercial purposes. Members shall use the Service at their own risk and shall not cause any inconvenience to other Members or stores. We shall not be responsible for the exchange of information made between Members. In addition, if used devices are infected with malware by exchanging information between Members, and this causes damage to our company, other Members, or a third party, the Member shall compensate for the damage. Members shall not engage in any misconduct when using the Service. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the acts set forth in the following items (the same applies hereinafter in this agreement). If the Company determines that the act is fraudulent, the Company may take necessary measures, such as deleting a series of information related to the act or canceling the rights and profits of the Member obtained by the act. If the Company or a third party suffers damages, the Member shall be liable for the damages.

  1. Acts that violate Terms of Use
  2. Deceptive acts
  3. Illegal acts and acts that cause others trouble
  4. The act of intentionally transmitting false information
  5. The act of diverting or diverting the information on this site for commercial purposes
  6. The act of intentionally transmitting the same information multiple times for the purpose of asserting oneself or harming others
  7. Posting or transmitting content that is obscene, harmful, discriminatory, or sexual in nature
  8. The act of intentionally posting or sending content that would cause a product or service to be deceiving
  9. Posting or sending offensive content for the purpose of reducing the trust of competing products and services
  10. Act of impersonating another person
  11. Acts that deviate significantly from the purpose of each service
  12. Other acts that the Company judges to be inappropriate
  13. Members cannot transfer the account, status and rights to a third party, or succeed it or provide it as collateral.

If we determine that the rules are not followed, we will delete the offensive content from the Service. If a User does not comply, we will suspend the account by freezing the membership or forcibly withdrawing.

Article 11: Membership Cancellation

If the Member wishes to withdraw, they must select the withdrawal option and delete the Member Information. The withdrawal will be confirmed when all steps are complete. If the Company determines that the Member falls under any of the following items, we will suspend the use of the Service by the Member, change the account of the Member or forcibly deprive the membership without prior notice. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to such Members.

  1. When there is an act that violates the law or this Terms of Use
  2. When there is an illegal act specified in Article 10, Paragraph 4 regarding the use of the Service
  3. When necessary to ensure the security of Members, such as incorrect input of an account more than a certain number of times
  4. Other cases when the Company deems appropriate

The Company shall not be obliged to explain the reason to the Member if the Member stops using the Service, changes the Member’s account, or forcibly deprives the membership in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

Article 12: Services

In any of the following cases, we may suspend or stop all or part of the Service without the consent of Members. Even if the Member suffers damage or disadvantage, we shall not bear any compensation or disadvantage.

  1. Urgent system maintenance, renewal, or any instances when the Company judges that it is urgent
  2. When it is difficult to provide services due to natural disasters, fires, and power outages
  3. When it is difficult to provide services due to other unforeseen circumstances

Our company may change, add or modify the Service contents without the consent of our Members. In this case, even if a Member suffers damage or disadvantage, we shall not bear any compensation or liability.

If the information provided by one of our Members includes the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, copyrights, design rights, patents, utility model rights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, and portrait rights), the Company has the right to ask the Member who provided the information that causes the infringement with the damages and all expenses if the Company is forced to compensate for damages and expenses related to, but not limited to, litigation costs, compensations, and attorney fees.

When trouble occurs between our Members and/or a third party, it shall be resolved between the parties. We do not guarantee that the information sent from our website, server, and domain do not contain harmful information such as various malware. We may provide information including advice to Members, but we are not responsible for any of the circumstances above.

Article 13: Change of Terms of Use

The Company shall be able to arbitrarily revise this Agreement without any notice to the Member if it suits the general interests of the Member or if it is reasonably determined that change is needed, and the revision of this Agreement will take effect when the revised Terms are posted on this site. In this case, the Member shall comply with the revised rules. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the change in the Terms of Use has a significant effect on the rights or obligations of the Member, the Company shall use the prescribed method (including but not limited to the method of posting at the prescribed place on this site), and the Member shall be notified of the fact that the Terms will be changed, the content of the changes and the effective date of the revised Terms.

Article 14: Governing Law and Agreement Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be interpreted based on Japanese law. If a litigation is necessary regarding this agreement, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.

Chapter 2: Point Service

Article 15: Grant of points

Points will be awarded after checking in at each store and scanning the QR code. When earning or using points, please check the usage guidelines and terms of each Service and follow the rules.

Article 16: Prohibited Action: Point Transfer

Members cannot transfer or succeed the points they hold to any third party or use them as collateral. We will give points according to the Service usage of each Member. For this reason, points cannot be shared with other Members, used together, or merged. In addition to what is stipulated in this agreement, the final judgment regarding the use of points shall be made by the Company, and the Members shall comply with this.

Article 17: Point Expiration

The expiration date of points shall be determined separately by the Company. If a Member does not carry out the target transaction by the expiration date of the points, the granted points will automatically disappear. You can check the expiration date of points on the point service-related screen. We do not compensate for lost points and take responsibility whatsoever. Points have an expiration date and expire after the expiration period. Please log in to the Service and confirm the dates on the Point History page.

Article 18: Point Management

The Company will notify the Member of the valid points granted, the number of points used by the Member, remaining balance, and the expiration date by a prescribed method. You can check these details on the point-related page on this Service.

Article 19: Use of Points by a Third Party

Points cannot be used by a third party other than the Member. If the Company confirms by the prescribed method that the account entered when using the points matches the registered account, the Company considers that the Member themselves has used the account. Even if this is an unauthorized use by a third party, we will not return the points used and we will not be liable for any damages caused to the Member.

To use points, you need to log in to the Service. The Company will not be liable for any loss of points in any unintended manner, such as the use of points by a third party for impersonation, or the points lost when a Member cancels the Service.

Article 20: Cash Redemption

Members cannot redeem points to a cash value under any circumstances.

Article 21: Handling of Points at the Time of Withdrawal

When a Member withdraws from the Service, they shall lose all rights and profits regarding the use of points given to the Member and shall not be able to make any claim to the Company.

Article 22: Change of Point Service

In addition to the provisions of Article 13 (1) to (3), if the Company determines that it is necessary, the Company holds the rights to change the details of the Point Service (including, but not limited to, granting conditions and number of points to be granted) at any time without prior notice to the Member. In addition, the change of the Point Service based on this article shall not apply to the redeemed points.

Article 23: Other Rules

Regarding the Point Service, the rules described on the point-related screen in addition to this agreement shall apply. In order to use the Service safely, we can improve the rules daily and change this agreement. Please check the latest agreement when using this Service.

Established: 8/1/2020

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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.