ZOOO INC has added electronic currency BitCash as the newest reward option for shoppers in Japan

7/2/2021 10AM JST

ZOOO INC (Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, CEO: Fumihiko Sekine) has added the electronic currency “BitCash,” provided by BitCash Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kotaro Matsuura), to ZOOO Local Rewards as the newest reward option for shoppers. This new reward is available for redemption exclusively in Japan.

BitCash & ZOOO INC Press Release ZOOO Service added electronic currency BitCash as the newest reward option in Japan


ZOOO Local Rewards offers various e-gift card rewards options for shoppers. Aiming to further improve the user experience, BitCash has been added to ZOOO so that shoppers can enjoy even more benefits of using the app.

By using the ZOOO Local Rewards mobile app, shoppers can earn rewards points as they dine out and shop at local restaurants and venues. These points can then be converted to BitCash, which can be spent at approximately 8,000 stores and service establishments throughout Japan.

About ZOOO Local Rewards

ZOOO Local Rewards is a new mobile application that takes advantage of unique AI technology provided by ZOOO INC, allowing for an exceptional global shopping experience.

App users can enjoy shopping, eating, drinking, and other activities conveniently and with ease compared to more traditional couponing methods and rewards services. At participating locations, the app’s marketing capabilities will convert new customers into repeat customers, using the ZOOO Service algorithms to improve visitation rates and increase sales by offering incentives to those who stop by.

[ZOOO INC Company Profile]

[Inquiry About ZOOO Service]

  • Company name: Trihiko Co., Ltd.
  • Contact: Tetsuya Yamasawa
  • Phone: 81-50-3629-2100
  • Email: [email protected]

[About BitCash]

BitCash offers electronic currency that shoppers can redeem at convenience stores in Japan. It is also convenient for making payments online. BitCash is known as an easy, secure, and convenient prepaid electronic currency used in many web services such as online games, SNS, video and music downloads.

[About BitCash Inc.]

  • Company name: BitCash Inc.
  • Representative: Kotaro Matsuura, President and CEO
  • Established: March 27, 1997
  • Number of employees: 50
  • Capital: 546,000,000 JPY
  • Location: Keihanshin Toranomon Building 3F, 1-7-14 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Service offered: Issuance of electronic currency “BitCash”, providing electronic
  • URL: http://bitcash.co.jp/docs/index

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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.