ZOOO and MSP collaborate to accelerate DX promotion in the restaurant industry



ZOOO REWARDS, a new kind of poi-katsuit app that gives you points just for walking, and Cool Alert, an IoT service for restaurants, are linked to provide a new DX service for the restaurant industry.

(Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., CEO: FUMIHIKO SEKINE, hereinafter referred to as ZOOO) (Japan distributor: Torihiko K.K., Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan), which provides a new kind of poi-katsu app “ZOOO REWARDS” where users can earn points just by walking. (Head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takeo Murakami; hereinafter referred to as MSP), a provider of IoT services to the food and beverage industry, announced today that they have agreed to collaborate on a new DX service for the food and beverage industry.

Background of the restaurant industry Against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a state of emergency was declared, and requests were made to refrain from going out and to shorten business hours, which dealt a major blow to the restaurant industry.

In preparation for the coming after-coronas, restaurants need to attract new customers using mobile devices and improve the efficiency of store operations using IoT.

A new DX service for the food and beverage industry is realized by linking a new mobile customer attraction service that makes full use of AI and store management IoT.

ZOOO REWARDS” is a new type of poi-katsu-sha application provided by ZOOO, Inc. of the U.S. It is a new type of poi-katsu-sha application that allows users to earn points just by walking in front of a store or entering a store, and also to save money by using coupons that are customized for each user.This is a new kind of point-earning application.

The points earned can be exchanged for hundreds of gift cards in Japan and the U.S., including Amazon gift certificates, QUO cards, JCB Premo, Target, and Walmart.

Restaurants can use the ZOOO app to attract customers by easily appealing to users passing by the restaurant, “just like a staff member calling out to customers.

Cool Alert” provided by MSP is a temperature and humidity monitoring system that notifies you of temperature abnormalities via e-mail just by placing it in your freezer or refrigerator.It is a fixed-price cloud-based service that can significantly reduce food loss at low cost.

Japan’s annual food waste is approximately 25.31 million tons, and the system contributes to the effective use of food resources.Food is essential for human life, but in Japan, many foods are thrown away without being eaten, and in fiscal year 2018, approximately 25.31 million tons of food was discarded*.In order to make effective use of limited food resources without wasting them, the government has recently established a legal system.Efforts to reduce food waste, including food loss, are being strengthened.

MSP’s “Cool Alert” is an IoT service for the food and beverage industry that can manage the temperature and humidity of freezers and refrigerators 24/7 using wireless sensors and a cloud server, leveraging the technology it has cultivated to date.

Future development:ZOOO and MSP will collaborate to promote DX services for restaurants by linking the services of the two companies.

As the first step in the collaboration, the status of store facilities will be simultaneously displayed on the dashboard of ZOOO Store Manager, which is provided to restaurants, to unify customer management and facility management.

We will strengthen the sales of the collaboration package to stores that have both systems installed, and in the future we will also strengthen the collaboration in sales and marketing for restaurants.

Service website: https://campaign.zooorewards.com/msp

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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.