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ZOOO Local Loyalty Rewards App

Get rewarded for exploring all your city has to offer with the ZOOO Local Rewards app!

Sign up and enjoy personalized rewards, discounts, and gift cards in exchange for supporting local businesses and sharing the love with your friends.

From checking out a local boutique or relaxing salon to a trendy restaurant or rooftop bar, you can get to know your community a bit better and earn incentives just by doing the things you usually do.

Rewards are given out for checking in, providing feedback, and following simple prompts within the app – so there’s absolutely no pressure to spend.

How It Works

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Get Rewarded For Exploring

With the ZOOO app, you can earn rewards whenever you go out on the town! As you approach a participating location, you’ll collect Sound Points that can be exchanged for gift cards. While making stops throughout town, you’ll receive information about the store you’re in as well as others nearby.
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Sound Points are awarded based on your support of local businesses rather than how much you spend; so whether you’re stopping by to look around, answering survey questions, or spreading the word, there’s always an opportunity to earn. Ultimately, the ZOOO app is your local rewards program that keeps on giving. Share offers and store information with friends and family, and they too can enjoy embracing opportunities to easily earn rewards. Every time you share the love — you guessed it — you’re rewarded with more Sound Points.

Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards to use at a growing list of major retailers.

Discover New Experiences

With a growing list of participating restaurants, salons, bars, and shops, ZOOO aims to be your go-to local loyalty rewards app. There’s always something new in store, so stay tuned for new partner announcements, app features, and reward opportunities!
Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or meeting up with colleagues, you can make every day an adventure by discovering new and unique experiences through the app. Will it be Chinese, Mexican, or Greek tonight? Keep exploring to find an exciting selection of venues for you to choose from.

“Where can I use ZOOO?”

ZOOO Local Rewards first launched in Japan in 2021, and is now also available for shoppers and businesses all across Las Vegas, NVThailand,Vietnam, and Other ASEAN countries.Local shoppers can enjoy exclusive new experiences and deals found within the ZOOO app. With an extensive and diverse range of options to choose from, you can earn rewards when you splurge on a new outfit from a local boutique, a delicious meal from a trendy restaurant, or a few drinks at your local late-night bar - all through the app.

Whether you’re a local looking to dig deeper into your community or a traveler hoping to try a local favorite, the ZOOO app has you covered. With a growing list of fabulous spots to choose from, ZOOO is your new urban guidebook to exploring your city one local business at a time.
Tokyo, Japan

Download Today & Start Saving

Saving money, supporting local businesses, discovering new venues, and trying unique experiences, all while earning free gift cards? It doesn’t get any better than this. When you download ZOOO Local Rewards, you can rack up the savings while helping your community thrive.

Have any questions about the app, or need help signing up? Feel free to reach out, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

To get better acquainted with some of our local recommendations, keep checking our Blog  - and give us a follow on social media @zooorewards!


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    Sign up for our newsletter today and stay up-to-date on all things ZOOO, including exclusive campaigns and new business partner announcements!

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      Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.