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Did you know that gift cards you can use anywhere are one of the most popular holiday and birthday presents? And although this is the case, $3 billion worth of gift cards go unused every year. Whether you have received a few gift cards over the years or signed up for loyalty programs but never seem to use your benefits, this blog is all about how to really benefit from discounts, gift cards, and loyalty programs. Here are our top 5 tips on how to save money with gift cards.

Spend as soon as you can

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Unlike a direct deposit into your bank account or cash in your wallet, gift cards can easily be forgotten — blending in unnoticed among your other loyalty cards until it’s too late to use them. To take full advantage of gift card discounts before they expire, get lost or the vendor goes out of business, try to spend them as soon as you get them. Put your gift cards in an obvious place and set time aside in your calendar to go shopping with the intent of spending your gifted money. This way, you can also tell the gift giver what you got for yourself and show them how much you’ve appreciated their present.

Keep your discounted gift cards in full view

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You know what they say — out of sight, out of mind. The same goes for gift cards. Avoid forgetting about them by storing them all together, in a place where you will see them regularly. Whether you place them in the front pockets of your wallet or have a discount gift card app on your phone, it’s always a good idea to have them near your most-used bank card or contactless payment system.

Planning is key

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When it comes to saving money, using gift cards, like any form of spending, needs to be properly planned. You can only save money if you have money to save. So make sure you know exactly when your gift cards are valid until.

In addition to spending them before they expire, you can also plan to spend your gift cards when there is a sale. This will allow you to get more with the value of your gift card.

Read the fine print

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If you have expired gift cards lying around, you might not be completely out of luck. Particular lowest discount gift cards still retain their value even after expiring. For example, if you bought your gift card for a half-price deal and you paid $10 for a gift card worth $20, you may be able to use the gift card for the original amount of $10 that you paid. Be sure to always read the fine print.

Save money on presents

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Buying gifts for others is an expense, and every opportunity to save money is worth it. If you aren’t going to use a gift card in time (or at all), consider re-gifting it to somebody else — saving yourself from having to take the money out of your main account. Otherwise, you can always swap yours for a friend’s or even sell it online. While you might not get the full value of your gift card, at least you aren’t letting all the money go to waste.

Spend, save and earn gift cards

Are you looking for new ways to save more? We’ve got the solution for you! Getting discounts and gift cards to use at your favorite stores has never been easier than with the ZOOO Local Rewards app. Every time you shop at an eligible venue, you can earn Sound Points, receive coupons and save money. To find out more about how you can save money with gift cards, get in touch with us today. We’re always happy to share how you can earn more by shopping smarter.


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