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12月 23, 2021by Taylor Dodson0

While the weather in Las Vegas might not always be chilly, it does tend to cool down quite a bit in the winter. With the crisp, cool air comes a longing for all things cozy – and we’ve got you covered on food! Hotpot makes for the perfect warm, fulfilling meal, whether you’re gathering with the ones you love or taking yourself on a date. Below, we’ve laid out some of our most treasured spots in town to indulge in this spectacular type of dish – read on to find out more!

Nabe Hotpot

Address: 4545 Spring Mountain Rd, #106, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 202-1631

Towards the top of our go-to list is Nabe Hotpot. With immensely flavorful broths, a beautiful selection of veggies, and fun sides (see: Crab Fries) that add a unique flair to your meal, it’s a venue that’s hard to beat. This Spring Mountain space even has a fabulous view of the Strip to top off its legendary dishes. What are you having?

A large hotpot bowl from Nabe Hotpot sits on a table as tongs hover over the bowl, holding meat.

A platter shows the Seafood Combo at Nabe Hotpot.

An overhead view of the hotpot at Nabe.

Kogi Korean BBQ & Seafood Hotpot

Address: 1263 E Silverado Ranch Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89183
Phone: (702) 915-7988

Stellar news: the fun doesn’t stop with Nabe Hotpot! Kogi Korean BBQ & Seafood Hotpot is also under the operations of Dragon’s Dream Factory, so you know the quality is sure to continue. If you love to watch your meat of choice sizzle before your very eyes and choose from a delectable selection of steamy broths, don’t hesitate to visit this venue.

The Red Pot

Address: 1375 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 750-0688

For an indescribable all-you-can-eat experience, visit The Red Pot. An unbelievably wide range of ingredients await. As you choose from virtually dozens of options, prepare to pair your hotpot blend with dipping sauces aplenty for a mind-melting mix. No one does custom flavor profiles like The Red Pot.

Tofu Hut

Address: 3920 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 257-0072

For all-you-can-eat deliciousness at a very reasonable price, stop by Tofu Hut! Soft tofu is blended into your soup alongside an abundance of seafood, or you can grill a variety of meats at your table. A range of enticing sides will spice up your meal even further. (Pro-tip: We hear the salad is incredible.) What are you ordering?

The Golden Pot

Address: 45 E Silverado Ranch Blvd. Ste #105, Las Vegas, NV 89183
Phone: (702) 478-4044

The Golden Pot is the very first Vietnamese hotpot venue in Las Vegas, featuring made-from-scratch bone broths and handcrafted ingredients. A personal touch flows through everything the restaurant has to offer, from every ounce of food to the decorations that don the space. Tradition and care are weaved in every bite; you won’t be sorry you made a reservation.

When it comes to Las Vegas hotpot, there sure is a lot to love!

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Taylor Dodson

Taylor is a Community Manager originally from the Midwestern U.S. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Film, and Creative Writing from Lawrence University, where she served as a four-year starter on the university softball team and took on four different positions in Campus Life while pursuing her double degree. With a deep love for collaboration, Taylor hopes to apply her background in community engagement to the digital world in support of local businesses. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing Animal Crossing or hanging out at her current favorite tea shop.

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