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11月 19, 2020by Taylor Dodson0

Like many of the other holidays that have come and gone this year, Thanksgiving in 2020 is expected to be quite different than usual. For many, there won’t be a big meal with extended family, nor will there be public outings or the late-night buzz of a crowded Black Friday extravaganza. It’s important to social distance, but it can definitely feel like a drag on our previous plans.

Fortunately, while typical traditions may have to be skipped over this time around, this doesn’t mean we can’t still find things to enjoy about this Thanksgiving weekend. Read on to find out five ways you can still make the most of a socially-distanced holiday season.

Video chat with a loved one.

A person waving at their computer during a video call.

We may not have the chance to gather with all of our loved ones this holiday season. For those who are itching to continue their annual traditions or get some face time with their families, keep in mind that technology is on your side! A video call can go a long way in bringing a smile to someone’s face, and it allows us to enjoy things together even when we’re apart. Over video, you can still walk someone through a family recipe, watch a movie, enjoy your meal, and catch up.

Fix a plate for a friend.

A platter of turkey and a salad on a table.

If you have extra food to spare this year, why not fix up a spare plate for a loved one? It could be a relative, a friend, or even a neighbor. Remember to add a thoughtful note on the side to wish them well before dropping it off! To maintain your distance and execute the delivery safely, try planning the drop-off for when you know the recipient is home – then, leave it on the porch, ring the bell and return to your car, or simply give them a call.

This is a thoughtful gesture that can go a long way, especially during a time when people are longing for connection even more than usual.

Make a difference together.

A person's hand writing in a notebook.

As we all come together (virtually or otherwise) this holiday season, remember to keep those who are less fortunate in mind. Making a positive change within your community can be a great way to connect with those around you. 

If you have children, this can be a great teaching moment, as well! Try asking them what causes they care about, whether it’s rescuing animals, sharing food with those who are hungry, or making someone feel a little less lonely. Then, see if there are any local volunteering opportunities throughout the holiday season that you can take part in. This year, with the COVID-19 crisis, it may be wise to focus on remote opportunities. What about writing a letter to senior citizens, or thanking frontline workers through a kindhearted note of appreciation?

Support a local restaurant through takeout.

Jeff Whyte -

Let’s face it – this year has been exhausting. Don’t feel like cooking? No judgement! Support a local restaurant by ordering something to-go! Many restaurants have Thanksgiving specials available to order in advance. From turkey & cranberry sandwiches to cheese & prosciutto platters to jugs of fresh apple cider to homemade pumpkin pies, you’re sure to find some magnificent eats if you do a little digging. Try Hash House A Go Go or Locale Italian Kitchen, for example, for some fabulous to-go feasts. (But, truly, there’s also no judgement if you just feel like ordering a pizza.)

Pro-tip: Remember to leave a good tip if you’re able – restaurant workers and delivery drivers deserve to be compensated well for their time, especially when they’re unable to be home for the holidays.

Watch a heartfelt holiday flick.

Bowls of popcorn sit atop a table covered in popcorn pieces.

Curling up on the couch to watch a holiday movie is arguably one of the best traditions there is. Thanksgiving is a nicely-timed holiday in that you can get away with celebrating both fall and winter at the same time – this means a TON of holiday movies are relevant this time of year. Will you pick a tried and true classic, or take a chance on a new release?

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Taylor Dodson

Taylor is a Community Manager originally from the Midwestern U.S. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Film, and Creative Writing from Lawrence University, where she served as a four-year starter on the university softball team and took on four different positions in Campus Life while pursuing her double degree. With a deep love for collaboration, Taylor hopes to apply her background in community engagement to the digital world in support of local businesses. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing Animal Crossing or hanging out at her current favorite tea shop.

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