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10月 8, 2020by ZOOO INC2

Welcome to ZOOO!

On October 1, the ZOOO mobile app launched in Japan! The app will be made available to U.S. users later in the season. Shoppers looking for great eats, fabulous drink deals, retail opportunities, or any number of different services will love ZOOO’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive list of local offers.

What is ZOOO, anyway?

At ZOOO, we partner with small business owners in your area, enabling them to provide coupons and check-in rewards to those who stop by. This builds a customer base for them, introduces you to new venues throughout town, and rewards you for supporting your local community!

Simply checking in at a venue as you browse is a rewarding endeavor – literally. When you check in on the app at venues that are partnered with us, you’ll be rewarded. These rewards, called “Sound Points,” will start to add up over time. Eventually, you’ll have enough Sound Points to redeem for a gift card!

Shoppers collect rewards points, called Sound Points, every time they check into your establishment, use a coupon, or share a deal with their friends.

Store owners will also have the opportunity to upload deals and discounts to the ZOOO app, allowing you to save money on your purchases and incentivizing you to try new things. You can also share these coupons with friends and family with ease, which can also earn you Sound Points. There are plenty of goodies to go around!

ZOOO app available to download in Japan

As you scroll through the app, you’ll also be given recommendations of nearby venues to check out. Customize your profile and let the app know what you like! The more you tell the app about you, the more the app can personalize your experience with recommendations and coupons tailored to your preferences. You may also receive a notification when you’re in close proximity to a venue that’s partnered with ZOOO.

Whether it’s through a restaurant, bar, hair salon, day spa, retail store, or other business type, we’re hopeful that you’ll grow more connected to your local community as you explore some of these hidden gems. Our goal is to inspire you to explore your city further and do our part to help local businesses thrive.

Remember, the United States launch is just weeks away – there’s still time to sign up for our VIP list and earn a bonus for pre-registering! Sign up here to get started.

Business owners looking to put their venue on the ZOOO map: reach out today to learn more about how we can help you increase your customer base! Our AI technology even analyzes coupons’ effectiveness to ensure that you’re marketing to the right audience.

The ZOOO mobile app will be available for download on Google Play as well as the App Store!


ZOOO INC is a modern Information Technology company that emphasizes care and integrity for its customers. By creating trusting relationships with individual business owners and utilizing emerging technology, we enable success as we connect people with their local communities.


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    Copyright 2018 – 2022. ZOOO REWARDS. All rights reserved.