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9月 24, 2020by Taylor Dodson0

“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched.” - Steve Irwin

September 4th was National Wildlife Day, a day dedicated to improving awareness of animal welfare as well as global preservation and conservation efforts! No matter where you are in the world, wildlife surrounds you, from the birds in the sky to the fish swimming throughout a nearby river. The way we treat our planet has a real impact on animal habitats and their overall well-being. Learning more about the ways in which we can work together to create a safer, more habitable planet for all is key in upholding the ecosystems that allow the Earth to thrive.

In honor of National Wildlife Day, we’ve put together a list of a few ways you can positively contribute to the well-being of wildlife from home. Whether it’s by adding some flora to your backyard or simply learning more about the needs of endangered species, there’s always a way you can work to make a difference.

Education Is Key

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There is so much to learn when it comes to wildlife protections and animal species. Although it can be hard to know where to start, it’s never too late to start absorbing new information! Consume information published or recorded by professionals and visit refuges or accredited parks, where you can learn and explore. There is also plenty to learn about endangered species, how they became endangered, and how we can attempt to reverse course. Other great resources for information include the African Wildlife Foundation, Friends Of Animals, and the Animal Welfare Institute.

Additionally, do research on local zoos, aquariums, and conservations in order to ensure that the venues you support are ethical. Rehabilitation facilities and those working to help different species thrive are doing extremely important work. Try to avoid giving your money to entities making a profit off of exploiting animals.

Change Up Your Outdoor Space

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Beyond doing your research and spreading the word, there are also some physical changes you can make to help wildlife thrive. Do you have a yard or a patio? Try plotting plants and gardens that are good for local species and avoid the use of toxic chemicals and excess artificial lighting when you can help it. You can also build or install animal feeders, birdhouses, and container gardens on your property. 

Finally, try leaving certain materials in your yard when they shed, like leaves or flower petals, to allow animals to pick them up as they work to build themselves a shelter. You can even gather up some excess materials outside, such as grass, pine needles, and twigs, for animals like birds to bring home. Just make sure the materials are not chemically treated and make sure you look up whether or not they are safe for animals to take.

Be More Eco-Conscious

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The way we treat the planet overall, in addition to how we treat animals directly, has much to do with the well-being of wildlife throughout the world. Doing your part to be more eco-conscious can have a major impact. This includes taking actions such as being energy efficient at home and taking the time to recycle properly. Try to limit your use of plastic bags and cut up harmful scraps, like the plastic rings from bulk beverage purchases. 

Being more eco-conscious also means not littering, donating old clothing rather than tossing it, and respecting any wildlife you might come across during your travels. To learn more, you can also check out our previous blog post on 8 Ways To Support Local Sustainability Efforts From Home!

Volunteer With Local Organizations

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Many organizations frequently volunteer to plant trees and clear out trash, debris, and invasive plant species from different regions. There are also local resources available where you can both learn and make a difference simultaneously! For instance, at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, you can help clear trails, work in the garden, restore wetlands, encourage sustainable living, and assist in animal exhibits! Similarly, with Friends Of Red Rock Canyon, you can work to preserve Native American cultural sites, care for desert tortoises, and maintain the native plant life.

You can also always volunteer at a local animal rescue center or shelter, which helps uplift and save homeless animals and help the community at large. Hearts Alive Village, the NSPCA, and The Animal Foundation are three local resources where you can offer to lend a hand!

“Adopt” A Wild Animal - Symbolically, Of Course

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There are other ways you can contribute to wildlife preservation, even from the comfort of your own home! Donating money when you have the means is one of the most direct ways to support conservation efforts all over the globe. 

While direct donations are amazing, some people enjoy receiving a little relic in return: something to remind them of their contribution. Some prefer t-shirts or art prints, and some like smaller tokens such as keychains and stickers. One of the most popular options, however, is an animal plushie. Some organizations even provide opportunities to symbolically adopt an animal. How cool is that?

Check out these “adoption” initiatives through the Smithsonian, Marine Mammal Foundation, the Bronx Zoo, and National Marine Life Center.

You can also check out local wildlife centers to see if they have any similar opportunities available!

Let Your Voice Be Heard

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It’s always a good idea to call and write to your local representatives and elected officials and ask them to support policies that protect wildlife. Additionally, getting out and voting is an important way to ensure your community elects officials who care about and prioritize environmental protections.

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Taylor Dodson

Taylor is a Community Manager originally from the Midwestern U.S. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Film, and Creative Writing from Lawrence University, where she served as a four-year starter on the university softball team and took on four different positions in Campus Life while pursuing her double degree. With a deep love for collaboration, Taylor hopes to apply her background in community engagement to the digital world in support of local businesses. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing Animal Crossing or hanging out at her current favorite tea shop.

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