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4月 30, 2020by Taylor Dodson3

As we continue to power through all that 2020 throws our way, it’s common to be concerned about the future of local businesses. That nearby tea shop that had just celebrated their grand opening before quarantine started had amazing boba – but will they be able to survive after having to unexpectedly shut their doors alongside hundreds of other local venues?

Fortunately, there are things we can do to help keep the local economy turning – all from the comfort of our own homes (and, yes – while still wearing our pajamas). Here are five ways you can support your local economy during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Order Takeout and Food Delivery

A couple shares a meal on a couch.

While many food and beverage outlets have temporarily closed their doors, plenty of local businesses are still keeping their kitchens open! Sit-down dining might not currently be in the cards, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to satisfy your cravings and continue supporting your favorite shops. Take a look at different venues’ websites to find out whether or not they offer takeout or delivery. If they don’t offer delivery directly, you can still check apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, or Seamless to see if they service your venue of choice. Many delivery services are providing contact-free delivery, so your food can be left safely on your doorstep without the pressure of a face-to-face handoff.

2. Purchase Gift Cards

A pink gift box with a gold bow rests on a tabletop, covered with confetti.

If you’re not necessarily looking to order takeout or delivery but still want to provide your favorite business with monetary support, consider asking them if they offer gift cards! A gift card is a great way to grow excited about a future excursion or send a gift to a loved one while providing immediate support to the venue. If you’ve never seen gift cards in store or don’t see them online, don’t fret – many businesses might be able to email you a digital voucher. Just reach out and ask!

3. Spread The Word

Someone whispers in a friend's ear, resulting in a surprised expression on the friend's face.

Amidst the current crisis, not everyone has the means to provide local businesses with financial support. Fortunately, there are other ways you can make a positive impact! Simply spreading the word about a business you love can be enough to get the ball rolling and introduce them to new customers. Whether you call your closest friends, post about the business online, or shout about their sushi rolls from your rooftop, letting others know that they should add a location to their list of places to try is a great way to ensure that business is booming when doors are back open.

4. Engage On Social Media & Leave Positive Reviews

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From mouth-watering photos to detailed testimonials, social media is a fantastic tool for giving others the 411 on your favorite spots in town. There are a number of platforms, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, that are dedicated to highlighting honest, thoughtful reviews of businesses across the city. These reviews not only help brands receive crucial feedback about the service they supply, but they help promote the business and inspire interest from other patrons.

5. Contribute To A Local Fundraiser Or Become A Virtual Volunteer

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If you’re looking to help the community more broadly, ask around about local fundraisers or take a look at donation drives put on by organizations in your area. Hospitals, shelters, and food pantries are almost always accepting donations of different kinds. You can contact specific venues to see what they need, whether it’s a monetary donation, medical supplies, health kits, or non-perishables. 

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Taylor Dodson

Taylor is a Community Manager originally from the Midwestern U.S. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Film, and Creative Writing from Lawrence University, where she served as a four-year starter on the university softball team and took on four different positions in Campus Life while pursuing her double degree. With a deep love for collaboration, Taylor hopes to apply her background in community engagement to the digital world in support of local businesses. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing Animal Crossing or hanging out at her current favorite tea shop.


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